Here are a few of my favourite things…..

Ah gin, lovely, lovely gin!

For me, a crisp, cold, refreshing gin and tonic simply cannot be beaten. Preferably, it will be either Bombay Sapphire or Hendricks, mixed nice & strong, over lots of ice and with a big fat wedge of lime (cucumber too if it’s Hendricks) to keep it sharp and fresh. Keep me plied with these and you’ll keep me happy!

Leopard print, Jimmy Choo, what's not to love?

After gin, my next favourite things to lust after are shoes. I don’t have anywhere near as many pairs as I used to have as, quite frankly, since having my son I don’t go out anywhere near often enough (or to anywhere exciting enough) to warrant umpteen pairs of sexy heels.

These little beauties are called Binnis, they’re part of the Jimmy Choo A/W ’11 collection, the heel is 4.3″ (meaning I could never walk in them!), and they can be pre-ordered right now by anyone with a spare £475 (sadly not me). I WANT THEM!!!

Bet Lynch, eat your heart out!

Handbags are another passion of mine and, although I’m a Mulberry girl really, this little gem has caught my eye. I don’t think I could wear it with the shoes (too matchy-matchy, pukey-pukey for me) but I could definitely see myself carrying it to work to funk up a plain black suit.

Cassidy (for that is her name!) is also part of the Jimmy Choo A/W ’11 collection but unfortunately, even if I did have £1,395 in spare change down the back of the sofa, there’s a waiting list for her. Now, where did I put that lottery ticket?

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