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Dear So and So…..My first!

Dear virus currently living in my throat,

Kindly bugger off and leave me alone please.  I am very busy and important and the way you are making me feel, particularly first thing in the morning, isn’t helping me to make the most of my extra free time now Little Man is at preschool every morning.


Poorly sick, lazy lethargic Mummy with eleventyhundred things on her ‘to do’ list


Dear Little Man’s keyworker,

I fully understand that Little Man is not an angel, but he’s not the devil either.  When you have to tell me of the one, fairly minor, thing he’s done wrong over the course of four mornings in which there was a hell of a lot of fantastic stuff, please do so without looking at me like I’m responsible for bringing another Damien into the world.

Wishing you would get some perspective or, at the very least, a more positive tone of voice, Little Man’s Mummy


Dear Little Man,

I can’t even begin to explain to you the emotions that have churned through me these past four days.  I’m so happy when I see you so excited to go into preschool and I love that you are starting to make some new friends there.  I’m thrilled that the ladies at the preschool (barring your negative and depressing keyworker) keep telling me how well you’re doing and that they’re really pleased with you.  I’m shocked at how much impact the simple fact that you have to take a packed lunch in with you every day has had on how grown up you seem and I’m quite sad, but mostly very proud, to see the lovely ‘big boy’ you’re becoming.

Loving you to the moon and back, Mummy


Dear So and So...