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Little Man’s 3rd Birthday Party

This post is well overdue but nevertheless, I didn’t want to not post it; better late than never and all that!

I won’t say too much as, after all, it was a birthday BBQ, so all the usual things happened.  All I will say is that Big Man and I put a lot of time, effort and love into the preparation for the party (with a lot of help from grandparents too, especially my Mum!) and we were so pleased that everyone had a great time.  All the hours we put into it were totally worth it to see our Little Man having such an amazing time surrounded by his friends and family who all seemed to be enjoying themselves too.

There were only two things that disappointed me slightly.  One was that it wasn’t warm enough to put the big paddling pool out for all the children (although we were very lucky it stayed dry as it had rained pretty much every day leading up to it!) and the other was his cake.  Time got away from me and it ended up being a bit of a late-night rush job so wasn’t up to my usual standard, which really riled me!

Anyway, that’s enough from me; have a look at a handful of photos and thank you for reading!

Silent Sunday – 21.08.11

Silent Sunday

Millets Farm Maize Maze – Saturday 6th August 2011


We were very kindly invited by Hallane from Energy PR to go and test run the Maize Maze at Millets Farm Centre in Oxfordshire.

Having never walked through a maze before (my overgrown jungle of a garden doesn’t count, does it?) we were all very excited on our 1.5hr journey there.  Obviously, this being an August day in England we were prepared for a wide variety of weather, well, Little Man was at least!   I think his bag contained a raincoat; jumper; long-sleeved t-shirt; shorts; sunglasses; sunhat and suncream!  There was also a large golf umbrella in the boot of the car.  To be fair, in the end we needed almost all of these!

Millets Farm Centre was very well-signposted from quite a way away with the usual brown ‘Place of Interest’ signs and we located it really easily.  Parking was plentiful and right in the middle of the various things to do.  We stuck our brolly up against the increasingly heavy rain and walked over to the Maize Maze entrance with a sense of fortitude.  Luckily, the day soon brightened up which my flip-flop clad feet were very pleased about!

When you buy your entrance ticket (Adults (16+) £6, Child (2+) £5.25 with savings for groups of 3 or more) you are given a wristband to wear which entitles you to come and go freely from the Maze Area throughout the day.  I thought this was great value for the number of mazes, games & activities there were to occupy you.

Millets Farm have been very clever in the fact that they have tailored the mazes to different abilities so there really is something there for all age groups.  There is the Fortune Maze, which you should allow 15-20 minutes to complete and is suitable for anyone, even the very young (as long as they’re accompanied of course!); the Mad Hatter’s Tea Time Table Maze, which takes approximately 25-30 minutes to complete and is also suitable for all; and the White Rabbit Maze which is a large maze, involving clues and questions so is more suited to those with slightly older children.

We tackled the Fortune Maze and the Mad Hatter’s Maze and felt that this was probably enough for Little Man’s legs to cope with when we combined it with the other things we wanted to do.

After the mazes, some games and a spot of lunch we decided to have a look at the farm animals and take Little Man for his 1st ‘Pick Your Own’ experience which was a huge hit!

We rounded the day off with a wander round the gorgeous farm shop where we just had to treat ourselves to some of the yummy things on offer.

It would be impossible (well, not impossible but very time-consuming and I’m getting cramp in my hand!) to describe everything we got up to that day but, suffice it to say that we had an excellent time and would recommend it to absolutely anyone for a great day out with something for all!

I’ll leave you with some photos that illustrate just how much fun we had, thank you Hallane and thank you Millets Farm Centre.

Thank you for reading!

Lady of Essex x


We were invited to try the Maize Maze & PYO as guests of Millets Farm Centre but I was not asked to provide this review; I just wanted to because it was so ace there!

Silent Sunday – 14.08.11

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday – 07.08.11

Silent Sunday