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A carnival in your living room!

A few weeks back we were invited to a special screening of Rio at London Zoo in advance of its release on Triple Play Blu-Ray and, knowing how much Little Man loves birds, we were delighted to accept!

The fun started for Little Man as soon as we told him we would be going on a long tube journey.  He loves trains of all sorts and has never travelled underground on the tube, only going the few stops locally that are all above ground.  Well, he was excited but also strangely calm.  In fact, he quickly mastered the art of appearing like a regular commuter who does the same journey every day.

I hope there won't be any delays!

We were a little flustered by the time we arrived due to silly me underestimating the walk through Regents Park to get to London Zoo but, once inside the pavillion, we very warmly welcomed and Little Man was delighted to be given two plush toys (Blue and Jewel of course!) to keep him occupied.  He also managed to occupy himself with various sandwiches and crisps which were absolutely delicious!

There was a lady there painting Blue onto all the children’s faces and I was convinced that there was NO WAY Little Man would get this done as he has always shied firmly away from face painting on previous occasions.  However, once he saw every other child there had either already had it done or was in the queue waiting patiently to get it done, he, of course, didn’t want to miss out!  I was really impressed with how still he sat while it was being painted on and, as you can see, the results were fantastic!

How cool?

It was now time to watch the film, and I can honestly say it was really enjoyable.  As with most animated films there is humour not only for the children but also for the adults who are watching along with them which is always welcome!  The colours throughout were amazing but the carnival scenes were particularly vibrant and fun.  When we got home I asked Little Man if he would like to watch the film again which got a resounding “YES!” in reply, so I guess it will be making its way onto his list for Santa!

His favourite part of the film was, and I quote, “Little Blue dancing in the jungle” and mine was Linda getting caught up in the dancing on the carnival float.

The bit he liked least was “Mean Nigel” and I would have to agree!  Nasty birdy!

After the film there was a Meet the Macaw experience when one of London Zoo’s parrots was brought into the room by her keeper.  She was a very impressive bird who seemed to enjoy displaying the full span of her wings upon instruction from her keeper.  Beautiful!  Little Man even managed to get tickled by her very long tail feather as he walked past which prompted lots of giggles!

An unexpected bonus to the day was that we now had some free time to explore other areas of the Zoo which was absolutely brilliant!  Little Man was really excited to see the Big Cats particularly but the penguins were also a lot of fun!

We had a really fantastic day and I would recommend the film to anyone!



We were invited to London Zoo for this special screening as guests of Premier PR.  I have received no payment or other compensation for this review and my opinions are, as always, honest.

Rio – Join the Party!

My little man loves birds.  Me, not so much with the flappy things…..

He’s even started a ‘feather collection’ *boak* which, let’s be honest, consists entirely of pigeon feathers which aren’t the most colourful.  We don’t really get many opportunities to spot exotic birds in our particular area of East London / Essex so when I was invited to attend a special screening of ‘Rio’ at London Zoo next weekend followed by a ‘Meet the Macaw’ experience, I fought the fear, thought of the grin that would be plastered all over my little man’s face and accepted!

I can’t wait until next Saturday to watch this film.  It’s from the same team behind Ice Age so it’s bound to be funny and to completely captivate my 3 year old.  Watch the trailer and tell me you don’t want to see it too…..

Rio is released on Blu-Ray triple play from 24th October 2011.

A gem of a discovery

I have lived in the same area for all my life (30 *cough cough* years) and my parents have lived here for longer than that, since they were married in fact (44 years!). My Mum moved into the area with her family over 50 years ago so really knows it well.

However, despite that, we recently discovered a fantastic park, only a few miles away, that has a miniature railway in its grounds that runs every Sunday (& some Wednesday afternoons in the school holidays) throughout the Summer.


Waiting patiently for the next train.

The trains (there are a few) mostly run on steam and there are two tracks, a ground level track and an elevated narrow gauge track.


Wow! Steam!

My Little Man is mad on trains (Thomas, Chuggington, Underground Ernie – you name it, if it’s a train, he loves it!) so once we found out about it, a trip there was an absolute must!



We went on Sunday, with Nanny & ‘Dad-Dad’ (Daddy was at White Hart Lane, suffering!) and it was a really fantastic afternoon. The train fare is only £1 each, with under 3s going free and it was probably the best few pounds we’ve ever spent, on a pennies-per-smile basis!


Thanks for the helping hand Dad-Dad!

As well as the railway there are also tennis courts, a putting green, an outdoor ‘gym’, a fantastic ice-cream/hot-dog van which also sells teas & coffees, toilet facilities, some large green open spaces for football/cricket/rounders, two fantastic playground areas and, this Summer, there was a children’s funfair too.


That's a big ice-cream for a Little Man!

The railway has been there for 40 years so I can’t think why we didn’t know about it until recently. We’ve missed out on a lot of cheap, fun Sunday afternoons this year but I’m sure we’ll be making up for it in the next few years!


Managed it though - yummy!

Thanks for reading!