My Bio-Oil Experiment – 1st Update

I’m sorry.  I haven’t done what I said I would.  Please forgive me.

In my original Bio-Oil experiment post I said I was going to post weekly updates and, as that was 3 weeks ago and this is the first update I’ve posted, I quite clearly haven’t done this.  The truth is though, I haven’t really thought there was enough of an improvement to warrant weekly updates.

To remind you, this was what the scar looked like before I started applying the Bio-Oil twice daily:


And this is what it looks like today:



I apologise for the fact that it’s not as close-up as the previous photo.  What can I say?  I’m no Mario Testino…..

Ultimately, the redness has definitely faded and the skin feels much softer but I’m not overly impressed.  Maybe I was expecting too much.  What do you think?


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