It’s the little things…..


Little Man

It really is funny how it is often the smallest things that can have the biggest impact on you.

Little Man, having turned 3 at the end of July, started ‘full-time’ (15 funded hours a week over 5 mornings) preschool last Tuesday.  I was worried how he would cope with going every day but, so far, other than some tiredness creeping in towards the end of the week, he’s coped brilliantly.  *touches everything wooden within reach*

I, however, have found the adjustment quite strange.  He suddenly seems so grown up!  But the catalyst for this feeling wasn’t the fact that he was going every day, it wasn’t even the fact that there’s now a proper ‘timetable’ on display in the lobby explaining what they’ll be learning and when; it was the simple fact that he now has to take a packed lunch with him every day!  I know, I’m barmy!

Terrible mother that I am, I hadn’t even considered the lunch aspect so sent him in the first day (Tuesday) without any!  I was standing in the lobby, seeing everyone else turning up with their packed lunches when the horrible realisation dawned on me.  However, I still wasn’t convinced that Little Man would want to take a packed lunch.  For one, he’s not used to eating lunch until 1pm ish, not 11;45 so I just didn’t think he would be hungry.  Also, he was used to having his hot meal at lunchtime Monday-Friday and a sandwich/toast for his dinner.  Well, how wrong was I?!  Nanny turned up early to collect him on that Tuesday as he didn’t have lunch but explained that he could take a lunch the next day if he wanted to, which he did and was actually stupidly excited about.

The following day I dutifully prepared ham & cream cheese sandwiches in the shape of dinosaurs along with a whole heap of other stuff, thinking “Well, as long as he eats some of it!”   Hahahahahahaha…….



I turned up at 12:15 to collect him, expecting to be greeted by him running towards the door to see me as per usual.  No.  When the lady called to him “Mummy’s here” he just called back “I haven’t finished my lunch yet” so I had to go in while he finished his yogurt!  He had pigged more or less all of it, only leaving his cheddar stick and a few grapes and raisins which he subsequently polished off in the car on our way to the shops to get ingredients for the baking we were going to do that afternoon.  (More on this another day.)

I’m so pleased to see him sitting down, with the other children, to a healthy lunch and I’m always interested in any ideas for different lunchbox ideas – I might even start a little linky 😉  Anyway, here’s what he had for lunch on preschool days last week:

Tuesday: no packed lunch (Naughty Mummy!) but sausage casserole & vegetables homemade by Nanny.

Wednesday: ham & cream cheese dinosaur sandwiches, breadsticks, carrot batons, cheddar stick, a Frube, grapes and raisins.

Thursday: mini ham & cheese ‘bread’ quiche (recipe to be posted shortly), laughing cow stars, babybel, mini peperami, grapes, cucumber slices, a Frube and a banana & chocolate chip muffin (another future recipe post) – I have no idea why I sent him with this much food, needless to say, he didn’t eat the muffin!

Friday: turkey & pesto mayonnaise dinosaur sandwiches (Big Man says I’m spoiling him), carrot batons, apple slices, babybel, a Frube and a muffin which he did eat this time!


Thursday's lunch - yummy!

What do your little ones like to take for lunch?  I’d love to hear in the comments 🙂



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  1. I used to have a few cocktail sausages in my packed lunch, but always wanted a bit of ketchup with them! So my genius mother kept the film pots from our camera films and filled them with a bit of ketchup, popped the lid on and stuck them in my lunch with my sausages! 🙂 happy child!

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