Little Man’s 3rd Birthday Party

This post is well overdue but nevertheless, I didn’t want to not post it; better late than never and all that!

I won’t say too much as, after all, it was a birthday BBQ, so all the usual things happened.  All I will say is that Big Man and I put a lot of time, effort and love into the preparation for the party (with a lot of help from grandparents too, especially my Mum!) and we were so pleased that everyone had a great time.  All the hours we put into it were totally worth it to see our Little Man having such an amazing time surrounded by his friends and family who all seemed to be enjoying themselves too.

There were only two things that disappointed me slightly.  One was that it wasn’t warm enough to put the big paddling pool out for all the children (although we were very lucky it stayed dry as it had rained pretty much every day leading up to it!) and the other was his cake.  Time got away from me and it ended up being a bit of a late-night rush job so wasn’t up to my usual standard, which really riled me!

Anyway, that’s enough from me; have a look at a handful of photos and thank you for reading!


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Mid 30's, mother to an increasingly cheeky son, wife to a decreasingly patient man, and instead of 'Keep Calm and Carry On' my mugs are emblazoned with 'Now Panic and Freak Out' and 'Stay Stressed then Give Up'. That just about sums me up! Email me on:

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  1. It looks like a really fabulous day – he is a very lucky boy! But I have to say, what on earth are you talking about? The cake was absolutely amazeballs! I could never make anything half as good as that in a million years!

  2. That cake is amazing. Can I hire you to organise my soon to be 3yo’s birthday?! You are so right, it requires so much planning. Well done!


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