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For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a Mummy.  Now, I realise that I am extremely fortunate in that this wish has come true for me and I have a gorgeous little monkey treasure who is about to turn my entire head of hair grey three.

Unfortunately, for me, we started our family quite a few years later than I would have ideally liked, meaning that my options for more children are now (in my mind at least) cut back a bit.  I used to dream of having six (!) children (I know, I know) but now, after experiencing how much hard work goes into parenting and raising a polite, confident and bright little person, I’m happy to settle for three.

I’ve always thought that the ‘ideal gap’ was two years so that’s obviously passed us by.  However, after speaking with other parents, both on Twitter and in the flesh, I’ve been reliably informed that there is no such thing as the ‘ideal gap’ and it’s all about how you, as a parent, deal with the situations that can arise from having two or more children, no matter what the age difference.

‘Great!’ I thought, ‘I’m not the best Mother around, but I’m not the worst either.  I’m a ‘Work-in-Progress’, learning as I go, and Big Man is a fantastic father, we’ll be grand, let’s crack on!’

So now I’m broody, and I don’t mean looking at babies, coo-ing and thinking ‘How lovely, I’d like another one of those please’.  I mean I’m broody to the extent that seeing lickle bubbas on TV or out and about almost brings me to the point of tears.  I feel intense jealousy towards ladies announcing they’re pregnant or sharing their scan pictures and I can’t stand the fact that I’ve become that person.  Jealousy is not a character trait I like in others and I certainly don’t like to feel it myself.

Hopefully, I’ll be one of those ladies myself before too long, but what can I do in the meantime to stop myself becoming so upset, moody & a horrible envious person?  Has anyone else felt this way?  Is it just my biological clock ticking louder and louder, reminding me that I shouldn’t be hanging around?  Would love your comments.





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Mid 30's, mother to an increasingly cheeky son, wife to a decreasingly patient man, and instead of 'Keep Calm and Carry On' my mugs are emblazoned with 'Now Panic and Freak Out' and 'Stay Stressed then Give Up'. That just about sums me up! Email me on:

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  1. wow, you’ve got 3 already and you’re getting angry that you’re not cooking the 4th at the moment!! For, punishment and glutton spring to mind.

    I wouldn’t worry about it though, because worrying never got anyone anywhere. Just lay back, think of England and enjoy the making.

    Good luck.

  2. Oh my lovely this is so tricky and I know just how you feel. I was always the same. Once I got it into my head that we wanted a baby I was like a woman possessed and a bit like you, really didn’t like it! I hope you get some advice x

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  4. I can really sympathise with you feel. I didn’t think I’d ever be a mum due to my health problems & I remember those mixed emotions when friends & acquaintances shared their news. Yes, you’re over the moon for them, but gritting your teeth as you see their bump, scan pics, birth announcements, etc can be very wearing.
    Fingers x’d that No2 is with you sooner rather than later, in the meantime sending you hugs & a truckload of fortitude! Hxx

    • Thank you Helen! I think I was unfortunately a little spoilt in the fact that it didn’t take long at all (4 months) to fall pregnant the 1st time, so I’m just being impatient this time around. I know deep down that I shouldn’t moan and complain as I’m very lucky to have my son and there are lots of women out there who try for years without success and who suffer the terrible tragedy of miscarriage, sometimes repeatedly, so I shall count my blessings, give LM a big cuddle and just take what comes xxx


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